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We recently spent FOUR days at Disneyland and California Adventures theme park. In short, we had an absolute blast. We were accompanied by my sister-in-law, Kaitlynn, who is basically a Disneyland guru with her frequent visits over the last few years. Natalie was so brave on all the rides that she rode. While she may […]

Our Family Disneyland Vacation!

CBC Photography LLC (also know as CBC Photography) is a photography business that is owned and solely operated by Christina Brock-Charney! She specializes in two niches, wedding photography and newborn photography. The main focus in both of these niches is the build a sense of community that extends well beyond receiving the final product. Her […]

CBC Photography LLC

Natalie and I recently toured The Childrens Museum in Phoenix, Arizona today with a local high school in preparation for prom season. We were so intrigued that we purchased admission so we could play after the tour. It was an absolute blast! First restarted out on the first floor where they have a huge climbing […]

Family Fun!